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I’m doing another giveaway! This giveaway is for my followers, so for a chance to win you must be following meThank you all for being so kind! <3 

This giveaway is also to raise awareness towards my Etsy. I’m doing something different this time—half of everything I make on my Etsy is going to NAMI (National Association on Mental Illness). This is to raise awareness and stop the stigma, raise money for treatment, etc. This means a lot to me and I hope this giveaway will give it attention and hopefully let me donate more towards the cause. 

Ok! Now the good stuff. 

If you win this giveaway you will get:

  • Iron and Wine Our Endless Numbered Days vinyl 
  • handmade flower crown (more available on my etsy)
  • two handmade necklaces (more available on my etsy)
  • Hans Christian Andersen Classic Fairytales
  • lucky amber stone with pouch 
  • little happy Buddha 

To enter, you must reblog this post and follow me. Try to check out my Etsy and support the cause at etsy.com/shop/theforestchildren. Likes don’t count, but you can use it to bookmark if you want :) 

The giveaway ends on October 1st. 

Thank you again and good luck! Love you all <3 

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